Document Management

Enhance Your Workflow, Increase Productivity, Manage Costs

We understand the power our document management systems can bring to your workflow because we are current users of the solutions we offer.

Our solutions are based on a fully integrated blend of hardware, software, services, and processes that offers cutting-edge technology to streamline your processes, boost productivity, and lower costs.
Based on the specific needs of your organization and the industry in which you operate, we design customized solutions that are scalable to specific workgroups, departments, or production environments.

Solve These Challenges with a Document Management Solution from Verity Group

In today’s data-rich environment, many organizations face difficulties maintaining the lifecycle of their corporate information. Multiple users, a variety of platforms, and complicated security and compliance regulations drain resources and increase frustration.
Our solutions tackle all your efficiency and cost challenges head on, helping solve the problems caused by the following common impediments to workflow, such as:

  • Lack of in-house IT team or an overburdened team
  • Changing cybersecurity needs
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Time-consuming workflows and processes
  • Cumbersome document filing and retrieval systems
  • Lack of storage space for document archival
  • Documents that need to be shared across multiple locations

At Verity Group, we can help you capture, manage, secure, and print quickly, efficiently, and with the highest level of security to help you drive productivity and revenue while reducing staff frustration.

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The easy way to find, share and manage every document in your business. 

M-Files is an innovative, easy-to-use Enterprise Information Management system that helps small to medium-size businesses solve the problems of managing, finding, and tracking documents in today’s information-intensive organizations by improving efficiency and workflow, maximizing information reuse, eliminating redundancy and avoiding conflicts and data loss. M-Files organizes everything in one centralized place based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it’s saved or which version is the right one. It’s completely dynamic, which means you can organize and display information any way you want to. 

Boosting Productivity and Reducing Costs is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our document management system helps you take control of your corporate information for increased efficiency, easy sharing, and heightened security, control, and management.
Our solutions are intuitive, easily integrated into your current business system, and simple to learn and use.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Document and Content Control Today

In today’s data-oriented world, organizations that are flexible, scalable, and streamlined are poised for success.
Verity Group’s Document Management solutions can help you increase business agility, preserve and secure critical information, and improve business processes for assured progress toward your business goals.

  • Secure document archival, retrieval, printing, and sharing
  • Enhanced end-user satisfaction and better customer experience
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Increased Security, including disaster recovery
  • Reduced impact on staff resources

If you’re ready to enjoy the productivity, security, and affordability a Verity Group Document Management Solution can offer, contact us today!