Educate Your Organization on the Process of Printing and Learn How to Excel

Educational institutions are often constrained by restrictive budgets that hamper their ability to provide the kind of progressive learning environment today’s students demand.
And yet, printing costs are soaring, cyberthreats are on the rise, and the need to be hypervigilant regarding the processing of sensitive personal information is on the increase.

The pressure is on educational institutions to deliver more timely, relevant, and convenient information with fewer resources than ever.

Fortunately, we have solutions to those — and other — challenges facing education professionals.

Understand the Challenges

Modern educational institutions are moving from paper-based to digital operations in order to provide the kind of mobility, flexibility, and fast access to information demanded by today’s students, teachers, and faculty.

Apply the Solutions

While the challenges might seem daunting, there is help in sight.
At Verity Group, we provide customized, targeted solutions that enhance student learning experiences, reduce student and staff frustration, and encourage greater efficiency and cost-savings across the board.

Why Verity Group is Your Source for Education-Focused Managed Services

We have an essential knowledge of the challenges faced by educational institutions — and a proven track record of providing the right solutions within budget parameters.
We are partners with Hewlett-Packard on the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), as well as a partner with Toshiba Region 4 Education Services Center (ESC).
Additionally, we serve several large education-focused clients that include four-year private universities, a large group of charter schools, and Independent School Districts — experience that allows us to efficiently and accurately assess needs and design targeted, on-point solutions that remove challenges and roadblocks and help organizations thrive.

Ready to learn how a Verity Group solution can enhance your organization’s flexibility, reduce costs, and serve staff and students better? Contact one of our expert team members today!