Cut Through Red Tape with Streamlined Processes That Boost Efficiency

Government agencies are often caught between rising costs and performance requirements and the need to conserve limited funds.

The need for technology is rising, yet government budgets are shrinking.

Fortunately, Verity Group has the solutions to those — and other — challenges facing state and local government agencies.

Understand the Challenges

Government agencies must effectively handle massive — and crucial — amounts of information on a daily basis to serve their constituents and adhere to strict quality control and performance requirements. In doing this, they face many roadblocks, including:

Apply the Solutions

At Verity Group, our long-term partnership with government agencies at all levels allows us to arrive at a customized, appropriate suite of tools that perfectly match your agency’s needs and goals.
Our targeted solutions assist even the most budget-restricted organizations in refining print and document management processes for the highest level of efficiency — all while maintaining close control on costs.

How Verity Group Can Help Your Agency Move Forward Fast

At Verity Group, we are familiar with all aspects of serving state and local government agencies so they can better serve their end users with a minimum of frustration.
In fact, we are partnered with Hewlett-Packard on their State of Texas Director of Information Resources program.
Our extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise help agencies comply with complex legal requirements, bolster their security to prevent cyberattacks and protect sensitive information, and expand their performance while maintaining budgetary controls.

Ready to learn how a Verity Group solution can enhance your organization’s flexibility, reduce costs, and serve staff and patients better? Contact one of our expert team members today!