Verity Group and PrintReleaf — Reducing Environmental Impacts, One Page at a Time

Today’s environmentally aware consumer is motivated to seek companies who are serious about the taking care of the health of our planet.
And, with sustainability becoming a life and death matter in many areas of the world, increasing numbers of consumers are exercising their power to make a difference by supporting businesses who cultivate strong sustainability initiatives.
For businesses, this means supporting sustainable practices allows your organization to contribute to the proper stewardship of our resources and gives you a competitive advantage in a hypercompetitive marketplace.
To help your business grow from a sustainability and corporate responsibility standpoint, Verity Group has partnered with a global leader in sustainability — the PrintReleaf program.

Verity Group — a PrintReleaf Certified Professional Channel Partner

Verity Group is proud to announce our status as an Authorized Channel Partner of the PrintReleaf Exchange [PRX], the first technology platform to enable cloud-based forest product (e.g., paper) tracking and reforestation.
To make reducing their paper footprint a reality for every business, PrintReleaf has built a platform based on integrations with market-leading software applications used by providers of managed print services (MPS) and middleware printer monitoring companies.
This innovative system provides a simple, automatic way to transmit paper consumption data that is effortless to deploy and transparent to daily users.

Here’s how it works:

What Our Partnership Means for Your Business

Partnership with PrintReleaf allows Verity Group to provide your company with an innovative and authentic way to promote sustainable business practices and reduce the environmental impacts that result from the use of forest products.
In a nutshell, through automatic tracking and certification, PrintReleaf will plant one tree for every 8.333 pages you print, boosting the health of at-risk forests throughout the world, lowering your carbon footprint, and raising your environmental profile.
Your PrintReleaf certificate verification will let your customers know that you are helping to offset your use of forest products by providing jobs that uplift local economies in areas with at-risk forests, that you are providing healthy, young trees to revitalize forests around the globe, and that you care about ecological restoration.
Through Verity Group and PrintReleaf, your business has a unique opportunity to make a difference in the health of our planet just by doing what you do best — business.

Partner with Us Now!

What’s good for the planet just happens to be good for business, too. Be a part of the global reforestation solution and join our exclusive group of environmentally-conscious companies striving to make a difference in our world.